Upskilling and our constant effort to stay informed, relevant and meaningful to our clients and customers.

We have been mindful lately with the ever changing aspect of our industry to stay relevant, abreast of legislation and the changing dynamics that occur within the sphere of real estate – and to that end we have been attending seminars and training to be able to better service our clients and customers. Pictured is a shot at a recent REIQ Property Management event, where Property managers attended to learn ways on dealing with domestic violence as a social responsibility (if suspected), ways of dealing with suspected drug labs (with the spread of ice into rural Australia) and how best to handle disputes with tenants – particularly through the QCAT process. Likewise, our management team have undergone training in personality profiling and best practice management – to ensure we have a team that is solid and working in synchronicity to achieve our client’s property goals! Even with Property Managers and Salespeople that have been in the industry a long time, we know that there is always something to learn and recognise that upskilling in a changeable marketplace benefits both us and our clients!